you have to put the old things away to make room for new things

i memorized all the things needed to move through the world with you. i wonder how long they will stay with me

tucking away all the letters i wrote and never gave you

“My life was good on paper, until it started getting better.”

floating in a storm cloud, waiting for tears to precipitate in my heart or for lightning to strike me and send me back down to earth

parked under a tree
i hear big heavy drops
leftover rain collecting on leaves
falling on the roof and keeping me company
sleeping alone again
taking solace in knowing
all places are temporary

it’s gently raining on the roof and it sounds lovely 🖤

If my clothes aren't covered in cat hair then I know I'm living my life the wrong way.

it’s pouring rain and i couldn’t be happier

Starflower Space

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