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anyone who is not a computer boy and wants to run a single user instance feel free to dm me and i'll help troubleshoot to the best of my ability. standing offer

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if i didn't reply to your text its because i exist within a chaotic maelstrom of ephemeral phenomena and sensory experiences where the only meaning or narrative continuity is that which arises in my own mind and also i forgot

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trans people being happy and laughing unreservedly

ahh the end of another successful day on capturing value for shareholders

me holding a gun to my phone: tell me the name of god you cybernetic piece of shit

i wish being the little spoon was taken more seriously as a career path

actually serious post: instead of the nonprofit industrial complex (like, say, where i work) consider focusing your Giving Tuesday on something more direct, like Whose Corner is it Anyway, a sex worker support and harm reduction org in western MA (they have had to reduce hours several times lately and are in need):

trans gals will post "being an elemental force of chaos rn" and then put on their little outfit and do their little tidying

you better keep emailing my wife. :gunhand: (she really appreciates you and you make her feel seen)

all cyberpunk is just allegory of the cave fanfic

computer boys stop appropriating cyberpunk from trans people

don't tell me who is the bottom and who is the top tell me who is the sexy baby and who is the monster on the hill.

cowboy bebop
bowboy cecop
slaowboy zezop
slavoj žižek

gay little people making and eating snacks is the meaning of life

sometimes i feel like everyone is a monster on the hill and im just a sexy baby 😔

look. this bed isn't going to lie in itself and look at its phone

every time i listen to karma, "music is my hot, hot sex" starts playing in my head because im old but also because they're kinda the same song

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hello! this is nova’s private server. most of the accounts here are alts of mine, with a few exceptions for close friends.