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trans people being happy and laughing unreservedly

clockwork oranged my way through the chimera ant arc and now im mentally strong enough to kill god

my truly revolutionary theory is that the earth raws it, but the scientific community isn't ready to hear that yet

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searching sci-hub for evidence to support my controversial thesis "the earth fucks"

that memetic complex fucks up every subspatial existence he manifests in. plus he never stops talking at parties

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i thought we all agreed to not let musk-prime enter the pocket reality full-perception stimulator anymore

trying to find 1000 people to go in on a nytimes subscription with me so i dont havr to look at paywalls anymore

*i can't find my spatula voice* i can't find my spatula


if you have a three year old you can just throw all the blankets and pillows in the house onto the floor in front of the couch and this is now their "nest" and they will spend hours jumping onto it, sleeping in it, all their animals will live in it, etc and you are basically done with parenting for six months/two weeks until they get bored of it

duck duck go what makes a person want to live without love in their heart

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adhd is when you're too hungry to sleep but you dont have any of one specific type of pudding in the fridge so there is nothing you can do about it

scientists discover methods to convert sleapy into energy. making a clean renewable nova powered economy possible for the first time

when will taylor swift release a homestuck tribute album

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