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trans people being happy and laughing unreservedly

days are things that happen *to* me and i did not consent to them

love is when you can say "gf is just nature's weird chip" and they instantly get what you mean

cw gun from a they with hand tattoos 😳


if there is a food that has a part of it called the butt, then you have to eat all the parts except the butts and save them up at the end and eat them all at once

*picks up the microphone that broadcasts over the regional emergency alert system so that everyone in a 500 mile radius can hear my voice echoing out at 120db* bweh. bweh! im sleepy :<

a polycule can be ten milfs.

*slams table*

a polycule can be jUST TEN M

there are a lot of reasons to be polyamorous but if we're being honest we all know the true reason: the secret desire to pilot a robot jaguar and form a giant mecha with all your partners

im 32 so if i want to have a self destructive spiral i just have to drink caffeine after 4pm

found some serotonin between the couch cushions and now im blowing it all on posts

seems attainable considering i have touched a synthesizer several times in my life and i even know what some of the knobs and buttons do

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my life goal is to become an obscure producer who only releases a single track which is heavily sampled by other artists and the only people who follow my social media brand accounts are intensely obsessive music nerds but then i just post cute animal videos of whatever chipmunk or little frog i saw at the park that day and never once talk about or mention music

top 5 porter robinson lyrics

5. "oh hi"
4. "で"
3. "Yeah"
2. "I'm sorry for crying, it's just that I love you"

ever since i did one single pushup i keep ripping doors out of their frames when i try and open them

honestly if i end up half as pretty as Howl i will consider my transition a major success

you can call me butch it's not gonna hurt my feelings

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Starflower Space

hello! this is nova’s private server. most of the accounts here are alts of mine, with a few exceptions for close friends.