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i assumed this would go without saying but if you care about me at all please do not screenshot my jokes and post them elsewhere without asking. this is primarily a safety thing for me. if you think my posts are really funny just steal it and pretend like it's your joke

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anyone who is not a computer boy and wants to run a single user instance feel free to dm me and i'll help troubleshoot to the best of my ability. standing offer

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if i didn't reply to your text its because i exist within a chaotic maelstrom of ephemeral phenomena and sensory experiences where the only meaning or narrative continuity is that which arises in my own mind and also i forgot

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trans people being happy and laughing unreservedly

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pixar keeps rejecting my up 2 script where he crashes his balloon house into the pentagon

sorry for forming an emotional bond with your possessions and then walking off with them

milfs get unlimited free bad jokes, its one of the perks along with no one daring to judge our coffee intake and uhhhhhhhhh that's it really

whyd they call em online polls and not a webiscite


"when the cat gets mad she likes to butt stuff. i mean bite stuff. oops i accidentally said butt stuff." - my kid


i found a taco truck near me that makes flawless rice and beans and i haven't been able to find any this good since leaving texas so i have been getting just a giant thing of rice and beans almost every day from them. the tacos are great too but i needed those rice and beans bad


i've been sick all week and haven't been able to see my kid and i miss them so much :(

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dear diary,
today i saw a woof and also a fox, i hope you are doing good and not bad. well anyways, bye.
love, nova

i saw a post once that was talking about how every sport can be boiled down to "get that man's balls" or "get that ball the fuck away from me" and there was also a third category i forgot but it was funny too. this post is about someone else's post i saw one time and can't really remember so i hope you enjoyed reading it

my biggest weakness? hmm... that's a tough one. i'd say... hmm. well, i don't think i could kill a guy whose body is made entirely out of guns? i mean, how do you even fight back against that? you can't sneak up on him cause of the guns on his back, not to mention his arms which are artillery cannons so attacking from range doesn't work. and probably his best friend is a guy made out of swords, who is deceptively just as dangerous cause he's been training with them his whole life, and you'd have to fight them both at the same time cause they go everywhere together, even sleep in the same bed together. it's hard finding someone who really understands you like that when your whole body is made out of guns so when you find a friend you hold onto that person for life y'know? yes, it sure is a lonely life, being made out of guns, but don't think for one second you could earn his trust and then betray him, and defeat him that way, cause this guy has seen it all, he's been alive for one thousand years and fought in every war in history and been betrayed hundreds of times and all the people who turned on him, they're all in the ground now. what chance does someone like me have against that? none. definitely a big weakness of mine. i'd die instantly.

normal level of anxiety. dehydrated but im drinking coffee anyways cause im sleepy. fine but existential dread. swerving all the fuck over the place. doing like ten different things at once. flourishing.

thought of a new joke today. "dick"so elysium. lemme know what you think

space engineers might destroy me because i have autism and i cant stop thinking about mining drills

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hello! this is nova’s private server. most of the accounts here are alts of mine, with a few exceptions for close friends.