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boundaries post (long, you only have to read if you want to flirt) 

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I can’t believe how hard I tried to be a computer boy. I was never good at it.

i’m still alive and doing ok πŸ’œ i miss y’all

legitimate reasons not to work:

- it's boring
- you need to do self care
- you don't feel like it
- fun things are more interesting
- safer not to work
- it's waste of time
- bosses are annoying and rude
- work is pointless
- you have to comb your hair

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reminder that you don't have to contort your pain into irony or satire to in order to talk about it. people are complicated and multi-faceted; we all know that no one's happy all the time. laying your trauma, pain, or confusion down isn't "bringing others down with you". you're not burdening anyone when you unburden yourself.

weird memory 

nothing ever happens on time but we shouldn't let that stop us from achieving it, or nurturing it, or loving it for what it is.

photo of me and toast (the cat not food) 

trying to succinctly explain my life right now to strangers requires flowcharts and a 50 slide powerpoint deck

So many of our interpersonal anxieties come from a lack of communication and a fear of asking the questions we might not like the answers to.

I know I put this off all the time, and every time I resolve it I vow to do better in the future. Inevitably though, those questions are tough to ask because they are dangerous, and yet what I find is that even the most dangerous answers turn out to be safer than you think.

women looking out for women is powerful and amazing and being on the receiving end of it makes me want to cry every time

like an accountant but he lives with you and your partner and kisses you both on the lips in the morning when you make the eggs and sausage he likes

if you were a cat or even a dog sometimes your tongue would stick out like :p

my only transition goal is that when people see me walking around their internal monologue goes β€œhhhhhh girls”


spiderman, spiderman 

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