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about me 

shut up. don't reply to actualize my true self

state censorship, and to a lesser degree animal crossing 

remember when someone on here posted a clippy love story that was actually really good

not allowed to do posting because a robot thinks i don't know what memes are

what if every post was a reply to the one before it

robot cannibalism 

rebranding as someone who walks around everywhere with a gallon jug of gatorade hanging off her belt loop

thinking about the time my boyfriend was straddling me and screaming "death!!! death!!!" and someone walked in on the scene and then turned around and walked right back out

collectivizing my emotions to demand better treatment from my brain

open the treasure chest 

*doesn’t eat, forgets to do my shot, has way too much caffeine* why do i feel bad for no reason

kicking my emotions apart to see if there’s any treasure in em

i see people cwing like personal rants, and then i see people not cwiing toots like 'i slapped my own balls and died' and lemme just say, this place confuses me lol

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Starflower Space

hello! this is nova’s single-user server! all accounts on here are alts of mine.