i still believe that art is our best weapon because it can bypass the ego

@nova and this is why the left will always be able to out meme

@Moss i could say a lot about the feminization of art and media studies and how that precludes the anti intellectual right from really understanding the nature of the battlefield we exist in etc etc but we both know that has been covered in detail by the works of edouard siddon so i don’t need to repeat it here.

@nova I've been talking to friends recently about writers whose art often managed to bypass the worst of their politics and worldviews.

@nova For instance, the way Stranger in a Strange Land defies the individualist, militaristic underpinnings of Heinlein's libertarianism, or how the storyline of Harry Potter is about the necessity of action against fascism despite JK Rowling's neoliberal viewpoint

@grayishknight mmm yeah totally! Stranger in a Strange Land was actually super influential in opening me up to pacifist and anarchist thought

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