what if people could boost the terrible forum posts you made in high school

@nova I got kicked out of early 1990s chat rooms for posting pretty much the exact same way I do now, at the same low level of quality

@madcat hmm i like to think my shitposting game is much better now but that's probably a lie

@nova there are IRC logs somewhere of me being a terrible teen.

@amphetamine i was mostly terrible on msn messenger. i didn't get into irc until i became a terrible young adult

@amphetamine @nova
There is a whole livejournal of me being a terrible young adult.

God help me if anyone ever finds it.

@nova i mean my posts from high school are mostly just fucking sad but

@nova I have some printouts of my mid-90s Freenet misbehavior.

They'll be cremated with me, lol.

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