i was at a restaurant and the person behind me said “i don’t wanna be friends with anyone who identifies as a gamer”

@nova that is honest to god stigma and i can't s t o p l a u g h i n g

@Moss i laughed out loud at the restaurant but i don’t think they caught me

@Moss the really funny part is that this came up during a conversation about gaming. they were gamers!!! they just didn’t want to be identified as such or be seen with other self identified gamers

@nova i mean thats the thing huh? Who on this planet has not played the occasional or even frequent videod gaem. But to Be a Gamer?
Oh, that's..,,, its different. Tryin to make that a personality

@Moss @nova Much like how there are people who watch movies, and then there are Film People, and one group has been officially banished to Los Angeles for a reason.

@TheRealKylee @Moss

haha, yeah, totally ridiculous to base your personality on your interests... now, if you’ll excuse me, i need to go take a nap

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