@nova wait!! Wait!!! Put me back in the cardboard box I can't survive in the wild

@LilyVers *releases you into a completely unsuitable habitat* be free~

@nova if at least two maidens are not alternating in feeding me chocolate cherries and ripe purple grapes, I start to die of malnutrition

@LilyVers @nova feel like nova is doing a harry and the hendersons here

@nova hey i'll have you know my natural habitat is pinned to a wooden display case in a musty museum drawer that hasn't been opened by anyone except a single researcher in a decade

one day, she carefully picks me up and dusts me off, and my wings flutter as i reveal my true form

she gasps, then calls me beautiful, and we kiss as i hover just a bit over her in the lamp-lit study

@nova ok but if you eat you stay, that's just the way that the faerie realms work

@nova help! I have never been outside the closet! It's scary outside

@nova i fuckin' wish, that's not what my surgeon says

waiting to sneak into a public bathroom with a politician who has an affordable health care (giving) kink and encouraging them to spread the love

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