kids, even very young ones, have a full range of emotions and more capacity to feel them than most adults and more ability understand their emotions than most adults give them credit for. they may not have the words to express it but that doesn’t mean the understanding isn’t there. if you have the opportunity to interact with a child please listen to them and do your best to help them feel heard and seen. it’s so, so important.

@nova cosign. that kid may even remember those emotions and thoughts and be able to name them in all of the complexity they had the whole time, decades later

@nova i've been thinking about this lately as well. it seems to me children still have the ability to act on their emotions because society hasn't taught them all this toxic shit yet.

@Olli_W_ yeah. they haven’t been taught to trivialize their emotions and so there is a totality to their feelings that adults often forget about i think

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