has anyone experimented with setting up a mesh network? especially anyone in the seattle area

another question, possibly esoteric; does anyone have resources on configuring limeSDR to set up a UHF ethernet link?

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@nova sounds like you are embarking on an adventure of epic proportions

@nova I set up a HSMM meshnet a few years back, but not in Seattle. AREDN is the new ham implementation and becoming quite popular. Heaps of folks around Seattle, natch; give them a write if you need a meetup, I reckon?

@nova They’re certainly doing well with it thus far. Old bbhn was basically an ad hoc tomato on wrt. The trunking for 2.4ghz band is now usually on channel -1, so it gets above the consumer wifi noise pretty well. It’s a really good reason to get a ham license, haha, the extry spectrum with this.

@Shufei @nova ham license prohibits using encryption on transmissions, which is a real killjoy for most of the modern internet.

HamWAN is doing fun stuff with 50 watt transmissions @ 5Ghz iirc

@bikecurious @nova Yes, but hamwan is paid and I believe they keep to part 97 rules about content and encryption. Still. Yes, good people to contact in Seattle.

The thing about the “no encryption” rule is this: if you can set up a aredn node in the clear, or any such ham thing, you can set it up with encryption if you want to risk that. Ham radio is a convenient field to gain transferable skill sets and play with higher power and bands which otherwise might get one in hot water, ha.

@djsundog @nova It's true, I was part of Seattle Meshnet, which is now pretty much dead.

@djsundog @finn @nova Was it our lumpy geography or comcast that killed it?

@thenomad @djsundog @nova lumpy geography. We had a pretty hard time finding any 2 locations with line of sight.

Also didn't really have a great idea for what to do when we got there.

@nova Well @iliana keeps talking about how she would love to help out with one if she didn't have Job in the way of doing most of the legwork

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