i have an overweening sense of who on here i could easily defeat in hand-to-hand combat despite never having defeated anyone in such

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people who could defeat me:
1. tarzanboy (big, strong, regular bar scrapper)
2. yo (strong, beguiling)
3. yet (lil, speedy, wiry, would definitely have a knife)
4. ???

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@AudreyJune @triz @nova oh God I briefly imagined what crossing you would be like and now I have stitches


@AudreyJune @kelbesque @triz

look fighting each other is silly. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: trans girl biker gang. who’s in

@triz @AudreyJune @kelbesque i mean i was planning to ride on the back of someone else’s cause bikes are scary

@nova @triz @AudreyJune @kelbesque hm that's true, it was a guy that time (he was pretty much a soft butch tho)

@nova @AudreyJune @kelbesque @triz idk, it could’ve meant Harleys and shit that wyt cis “dykes on bikes” have long done

@patience @nova @kelbesque @triz

I see us all on city bikes, wearing different color moto jackets, ringing bike bells.

@AudreyJune @patience @kelbesque @triz mine’s a hacked jump bike that i spraypainted black

well now i actually want to do this

@AudreyJune @nova @kelbesque @triz heck that, i’ll use the air-compressed horn meant to scare the shit out of drivists

@patience @nova @kelbesque @triz

Actually, I would love to see you on a bike with a horn that sounds like an 18 wheeler.

@AudreyJune @nova @kelbesque @triz ngl, i’ve been trying for years to think of a way to make that happen, but it would require a heavy lead-acid battery to run that thing

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