@nova yah i’m still looking for a mum, no lewd

my ex-Nmum warped my sense of what it means to have a mother who protects and supports and encourages — to say nothing of just, you know, having the capacity to love

@patience i meant it from the perspective of looking for more momfriends to hang out with me and my kid but that is a pretty important one too. i think i never really considered the possibility of being able to find that kind of relationship cause a lot of the older people i come across tend to look down on me for a lot of reasons, even within queer communities. i can’t really think of any positive irl interactions i have had with anyone more than 15 years older than me and that’s pretty depressing honestly

@nova sorry, i totally parsed your toot differently!

heck, even a trans mum back in the ’90s would have been everything,

at best, i got squabbling trans sisters and that didn’t last

surely there are other trans mums with kids around seattle who aren’t dechets/trash, and hopefully you will find them! there are tonnes of trans folk there, though admittedly too much of that is constituted by wyt trans folk who try to avoid building community or community organizing

but i’m positively sure they’re out there. also, maybe cis parents of trans kids who aren’t garbage or imposing on your lived experiences?

@patience a lot of the community here is hard to find because its so atomized by capitalism. most people who would want to do community building have been pushed out by the cost and everyone else is working too much to do anything besides work :/ i have a couple of mom leads im following up on but honestly almost my entire friend network has come from mastodon

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