the four elements are tech, anime, punk, and sports. collect a girlfriend from each quadrant to ascend

and before you ask. goth is a fusion element created by combining anime and punk. plants are a tier 2 element and must be unlocked. gun is crafted by upgrading a punk gf

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tier 2 ascended girlfriend elements: plant, art, bass guitar, mom


- elemental tiers indicate rarity, not power. a level 99 plant gf is roughly equivalent in combat to a level 99 anime gf. however, the expanded tactics potential available to a polycule via the inclusion of tier 2 girlfriends cannot be underestimated.
- other instruments can be unlocked via elemental fusion. bass guitar is the primordial instrument from which all others are derived.

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at this point this is no longer a shitpost but instead a design document for the tactics rpg i’m writing

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@bouncinglime the complete gf walkthrough will be up on gamefaqs later this week

@nova and industrial synth being "punk/tech", I'd say my old goth club parties was a good way to find anything except sports.
Which is extremely true.

@panina i bet there were some sports lurkers hiding out in there. you're telling me nobody skated?

@nova not in my goth clubs.
There were, however, some gothy technoheads with pink plastic cables in their hair. They could count.

@nova many of the ones who were there slate now, though. But not back then. Publicly.

how many tiers of gf are available to unlock?


unknown. no one has made it past tier 4 because it requires maintaining a 16 member polycule long enough to ascend

@viomi many girlfriends are able to equip the knife spec

@nova help, what if im anime + punk (and therefore goth) but couldn't do plants at all and just did firearms.

@AudreyJune ascension occurs at the polycule level. a girlfriend’s elemental makeup is innate and based on accumulated experience points.

@nova i'm looking forward to seeing the page and kickstarter for it

You were the first I had to think of and your art is great. =)
I'll also check out your ko-fi later. Take care!
@nova @maidofclay

@nova So would goth be the intersection between punk and tech? Or is it another dimension? Can we define the three-space of girlfriends?

@nova im only missing sports gf. accepting applications

@_ @nova wait until i really get comfortable and start talking about baseball around you

@nova combining tech and sports to craft an esports gf

@nova oh no these are all interests of mine

i'm the mega-gf, date me at your peril

@nova anime and punk fused gets you Harajuku style

it is some AMAZING stuff and has a wide spectrum of colors and types of clothing

was gonna link a twitter account that posts it but as I don't use it anymore I don't remember the handle

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