it's weird how everyone outside of leftist circles seems willfully committed to fundamentally misunderstanding what anarchy is, almost like there's been decades of propaganda to paint it as-- *falls asleep for 1000 years because im just so tired*

old political cartoons 

@nova yeah I wonder what that could be about

old political cartoons 

@hope idk it must just be everyone except me is bad at thinking. there's no other possible explanation

@nova people fundamentally believe in controlling others. its very difficult for them to get away from it.

@nova i was one of those people who misunderstood anarchy five years ago :(

@Olli_W_ i was that person like ten years ago! it’s not easy to get past all the societal propaganda

I think it’s incredibly hard, given the darkness of our world, to imagine one free of control.

@nova this is why I actually don’t require people to share my politics to be my friend. You have to share some of my core beliefs, but I won’t hold the conditioning of someone’s life experiences against them. Not in that way.

People gave me the benefit of the doubt when my politics were shit, and I pay it forward by holding the hands of those who still can’t see the possibility of something better.

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