if you search the custom emoji list for “pepe” you can find a bunch of cool instances to block

@benhamill wait, is there a way to see which custom emojis a particular instance is using? like. easily?

@June @benhamill for masto instances, visit /api/v1/custom_emojis
(firefox will give you a nice data view with a search bar you can use to look for pepe)

@haskal @June Also, Admins have a page where they can see all the custom emoji on any instance their instance knows about and it's searchable. So…

@benhamill @haskal @June that only includes the emojos it’s seen from that instance(used in posts), not all that the instance has.

@stitchandsew @benhamill ya i'd be much interested in a script that could point to a masto instance and tell me if it has a pepe emoji

@stitchandsew @benhamill oh look it's public data in the API. I'll make it i guess.

@June @benhamill yah most have it as public, I’ve seen a couple instances that didn’t, but that is pretty rare.

@June @benhamill
Nice, Yah that is easy! is an example of an instance I found that requires auth for that api endpoint, I wanted some of their pronoun emojos a while back and discovered that it could be required to have auth.


Finding lots of instances who missed the pogchamp message too...

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