hyperreality is when i can type "tops need forehead kisses too" into a text box on the internet and then the next day go out to my front porch and there will be a box containing a coffee mug with those words printed on it and then everyone i interact with (video chat) will be forced to watch me drink out of it. this is a hell in which "escape" is not a meaningful concept.

@AudreyJune no. this post, like most narratives constructed to impart meaning to life, is a fiction

@nova @AudreyJune personally I choose to believe that all of your posts are 100% documentary because it allows me to picture your life as a completely insane series of cartoon lesbian escapades

@callie @AudreyJune well that part is true but i never post about the fun stuff

@nova @AudreyJune that's ok I usually picture you as very happy anyway because it pleases me

@cadence just because someone assumes the active or dominant role in a relationship dynamic it doesn't mean they don't also deserve emotional softness

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