people look at the fediverse and think "this will never gain mass adoption." they are thinking about it all wrong. fedi isn't about posts going viral or gaining market share. the goal of the fediverse is simple: to find and kill god

@nova a sequel to Xenogears has been right in front of our noses this whole time, huh...


✅ everyone has brightly colored hair
✅ androgyny abounds
✅ babes with big swords
✅ cute lil monsters everywhere

yeah that theory checks out

@nova you know what they say: if god gives you lemons, you find a new god

@calculsoberic @nova make God rue the day he thought he could give you lemons! Blow god's house up with lemon scented grenades!

@nova you are so right, but have you been watching too much Warrior Nun?

@nova Spoilers! Not everyone has read that book yet! 😱

@nova ahahahahahahahah that was so unexpected and fantastic

@nova Oh damn, that's what we've been doing this whole time? Cool cool cool. On it!

@nova The one at twitter is just the fake final boss before the real final boss shows up awakening from the energy dispersed by killing the fake final boss, Casting the earth into darkness for 10,000 years

@nova Yeah, but see, gods are like the Hydra of legend: you cut one down, three more pop up, gain traction, followers, TV time, and CW coverage. So a god-slayer's work is never done, that's why we have to keep posting wilder and wilder takes in the hope of hitting upon the right incantation.

@nova I liked before reading the conclusion. Then I saw the conclusion and wanted to double-like to really tell you that, yes, this is exactly why I joined the fediverse

Barring that, let's get some billionaires. They think they're gods anyway.

@nova ever read the "A Contract On Gawd" Lobo (comics) miniseries?

@nova doesn't seem to be working that way for me 😂😉😍

@nova I wasn't sold on the platform until this, I'm in! 👍 Which god do we start with, there's so many to choose from!!??

@nova find and *bang god (me and my prayer beads looking fr dat ass) Could we start small and kill a handful of billionaires ?

I used a swear word. 


The joke’s on the fediverse. Nietzsche called that shit in 1882.

@nova currently running on 2 hrs of sleep, suicidal thoughts and an oreo - and I'm ready to fight god OR BECOME HIM

@nova and while you're on the way to do so, to boost the meek.

@nova we tried to build a tower tall enough to reach and kill God. God had an account on Twitter and we used to yell at him all the time and if we had just built the tower a little taller we woulda killed him.

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