fedi is inherently insecure and vulnerable to many types of attack. for instance, kaiju

@nova we're really not ready for one or more giant lizards with atomic breath, and that's just the tip of the kaiju iceberg

@vyr my $10 vps would crumple at the first blast from a 30 story tall mechanized dinosaur

@nova I've heard of instances going down due to mechas too, admins should watch out for those

@nova Oh yeah ? If mastodon is so great then tell me what would happen if Godzilla attacked all the servers.

@nova *I look around nervously, hunching over a little bit to appear smaller, looking down from ten stories up to see if anyone reading this post is looking at my accusatorily* I swear I would never

@nova My instance's post button says "Rawr!" and I think I might be a corgi kaiju because of it.

Dog help us all :blobfoxshocked:

@artemis @nova (offers a dog biscuit) Good dog. (Photo of my dog for the look alone of giving you a biscuit and them watching.)

@camstonefaux @nova That would definitely be my expression, haha!

What a precious little bean :blobfoxaww: Mind if I ask their name?

.@nova it's true my instance has been taken over by a kaiju

@zop @nova are you familiar with kaiju big battel? it's semi-professional wrestling with guys dressed up in kaiju suits. my friends made the intro music for one of their star performers.

@selfagency @nova No, I'd never heard of it before, does not surprise me it's a thing though! :D

@nova you know there's going to be a Kaiju instance

@nova Have you seen all the macro furries around? I think we're safe, the infrastructure's built for it. :3

@zeitverschreib @nova some Meisters to go with those Jaegers wouldn't hurt my feelings any...

@nova That's only until we also develop the other componetns to activate the FederaZord

@nova if that's the case you can put people who play yugioh on that list too because they could send the whole fediverse to the shadow realm with a single card

@nova If the hackers have obtained a complete technical readout of this fediverse, it is possible - however unlikely - that they might find a weakness...and exploit it.

@nova In response to a kaiju attack the fediverse instances will assemble into one giant robot, Voltron-style, to fight back


It's 🥁 unsolicited 怪獣「kaijū」trivia time!

Beginner: ゴジラ「gojira」(bowdlerized in English as: Godzilla) is a portmanteau of ゴリラ「gorira」(Gorilla) & 鯨「kujira」(whale).

Intermediate: Professor 加藤典洋「katō norihiro」 argued that Godzilla may be the symbolization of 怨霊「onryō」(vengeful) spirits of dead Japanese due to the war revisiting the homeland. Hence Godzilla attacking Japan, until the spirits were appeased (roughly around the 1964 Olympics) wherein Godzilla became a defender.


Advanced (extremely trivial): I was blocked by the director of the Pacific Rim sequel on birdsite years ago, by suggesting that use of the term "kaiju" in that franchise was, unimaginative. It's not Godzilla vs Kaiju, is it? No, it's Godzilla vs Mothra, Mechagodzilla, etc.

Last I checked: Uprising has a TOMATOMETER score of: 42% with an audience score of: 37% ranking it lower than almost all Godzilla films, as well as lower than the 1st & 3rd Pacific Rim films, so that dude can eff off!

@nova what about @jager.fight? They should least buy the others time to back up


Fear not, fedizen! @GiantMilitaryCats are here to defend us from the kaiju threat.

@Blakely we are all weak to kaiju 😔 if only they weren't so damn good-looking

x-com reference 

@nova vigilo shitpostido

@nova What is to say that kaiju were not the first extinction event? Checkmate elephant ancestors

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