my biggest weakness? hmm... that's a tough one. i'd say... hmm. well, i don't think i could kill a guy whose body is made entirely out of guns? i mean, how do you even fight back against that? you can't sneak up on him cause of the guns on his back, not to mention his arms which are artillery cannons so attacking from range doesn't work. and probably his best friend is a guy made out of swords, who is deceptively just as dangerous cause he's been training with them his whole life, and you'd have to fight them both at the same time cause they go everywhere together, even sleep in the same bed together. it's hard finding someone who really understands you like that when your whole body is made out of guns so when you find a friend you hold onto that person for life y'know? yes, it sure is a lonely life, being made out of guns, but don't think for one second you could earn his trust and then betray him, and defeat him that way, cause this guy has seen it all, he's been alive for one thousand years and fought in every war in history and been betrayed hundreds of times and all the people who turned on him, they're all in the ground now. what chance does someone like me have against that? none. definitely a big weakness of mine. i'd die instantly.

@nova just shift slightly out of phase so his bullets will pass through you

@pynkbites and kill my other selves in every other reality simultaneously instead? yeah no thanks!

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