why do they call them "pants" and "sweats" Disgusting

the existence of jif implies the existence of gaypeg

i always start the night as a side sleeper but when i wake up i find that sometime in the middle of the night i rolled over into a t pose at (0, 0, 0)

my girlfriend just caught me using a calculator to multiply a number by ten and all i can say is i worked hard for these bimbo stripes

if i start posting about lalafells or whatever i need someone to come everdoor my ass immediately

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in my mind ffxiv and death occupy the same semantic niche

just remember, you can always eat a bunch of aluminum foil. never let anyone tell you otherwise

i can now only speak 4 year old, i can no longer relate to adult humans

oh and the skulls have dice for eyes and they are all 1's

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a tattoo of a skull wearing a jesters cap and a snake is coming out of the skulls mouth and smoking a blunt and blowing the smoke into the shape of another skull and that skull is holding a gun

when is taylor swift going to release a hardcore album

optimizing bath time efficiency via hand sanitizer slip n' slide

prima's strategy guide for unionizing your workplace

i stepped in a puddle with my sock webmd am i going to die

the two sides are currently in their 10th year of total war. the air horn faction has splintered into two groups: the purist faction who believes the only form of true communication is going BWAAAA BWA BWA BWAAAAA and the "soundboard" faction who believes it is also necessary to make cash register sounds and play laugh tracks

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one time i snuck my moms compact tv and a playstation up to my bed on the top bunk so i could play lunar eternal blue at 3am without my parents catching me because one of the cutscenes had a naked girl in it

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hello! this is nova’s private server. most of the accounts here are alts of mine, with a few exceptions for close friends.