i think im still safe for another couple of weeks at least but you know this shit can escalate quickly

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i wonder how long i'll have to be in quarantine before i start playing second life

shut up. don't reply to actualize my true self

state censorship, and to a lesser degree animal crossing 

@_ *starts to show you that there are no computers in the room* uhh wait ok maybe this roo- nope, ok let’s try the kitche- no, okay, the backyard had to be safe? oh god they’re everywhere

remember when someone on here posted a clippy love story that was actually really good

not allowed to do posting because a robot thinks i don't know what memes are

what if every post was a reply to the one before it

@doubleDensity i know it's not what you're looking for, but there are telnet clients and there are command line clients, if you run a shell on another computer.

@yeenbean well plan b is just dump out bags of dirt on your bedroom floor

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Starflower Space

hello! this is nova’s single-user server! all accounts on here are alts of mine.