‪solved all of my dozens of life problems over the course of a single phone call with my boyfriend so i guess i don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

@monorail @artemis can’t they just induct them into the secret club or whatever

@artemis i just don’t understand why they have to die

i don’t understand why the astronaut is shooting the other astronaut. someone with a big brain explain it to me

Online dating 

extremely rare vintage “im gay” post from 1996 selling for 2.7 million in auction at christie’s

the only medical dramas i cry at are the ones starring nurse joy

duck duck go how to become neurotypical
duck duck go neurotypical tutorial
duck duck go be neurotypical wikihow

@chosafine 40s when they were invented and then immediately used to calculate how to kill people better

@_ way to call me out for being a false switch

i would do anything for a cute girl. i'll violate my most sacred beliefs. i'll become a top. i'll get back on twitter.

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