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Reminders about age generalizations 

A machine that can turn any human into a cat? 

Reminders about age generalizations 

selfie, eye contact 


i fight for the moon, and love and justice or whatever

bees, villainy 

meta, CWs, rant 

if i were to teach u anything its dont let self awareness keep u from accomplishing your dreams

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when you post puns it’s 

i wish i could just get carried around in a cute [enby/girl/boy]'s backpack all day

me: another lazy Tuesday… what's this on the calendar? the technical onboarding session i agreed to do months ago and forgot? no problem

🧠: but your voice

me: barely even hate it any more. just gotta warm up first

🧠: what about your outfit, hmm? it'll be the first impression of you for a dozen junior engineers

me: skater dress and Docs, same thing i wore to my last company talk. try harder

🧠: *beep boop* activating experimental eyelining system 👁

me: NOOO! it's never been field-tested!

when you post puns it’s 

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hello! this is nova’s single-user server! all accounts on here are alts of mine.