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imagine thinking people who are cutesy and kind and gentle are "naive" and not like, freakishly powerful for existing in this world for more than 6 years and not becoming cynical and miserable

adhd culture is crushing on whichever gay you have seen most recently

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New World (pt 2) prose 

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who called it a sewing circle and not quilt by association

three floral print pieces in one outfit... they said it couldn’t be done... but i will show them. i will have my revenge

ripped jeans over net leggings are a _look_ and i'm into it.

its cuffing season friends and furries, and in our scramble to not want to be alone for the holidays I implore you to take a deep breath and remember some red flags to NOT put up with:

*"You're not like other __" This person does not respect your identity and the moment you deviate from their ideals, they will betray you

*"All __ cheat, some are better at hiding it" This person will cheat on you and blame you for their behavior/ for being naive enough to believe them

i want a septum piercing but i want it to like heal instantly

wanna move into a little rv in the woods and be a grumpy old guy everyone thinks is a witch

"i'll get you my pretty" was clearly a disaster lesbian's attempt at flirting

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