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don't read this, even i don't like it 

getting my face removed for cosmetic purposes

i have to go sicko mode just to get out of bed in the morning

every "cis man" in history was actually a transfem egg, masc enby, or stealth trans man

nova's bot 

we’re gonna feed the artificial intelligence

do you like System Shock 1 and also extreme minutiae? well you're in luck because i finally got around to filling out my floppy-vs-CD differences writeup with much more stuff that nobody in their right mind would have ever noticed or bothered documenting

you know I think it's a fucking shame that organised leftist groups aren't working against modern slavery, sex trafficking, and the exploitation of immigrant labour who are paid less than minimum wage.

we can infiltrate these circles, we can try to help people, but we don't. protests and that mean a lot in terms of organisation and making a large social statement against something, but fuck come on lads direct action is needed at times than just saying "shit sucks eh?". we can, and we should, be organising against these things to directly help those really facing the brunt of the evils of capitalism and in more ways than just a statement of solidarity

in college i made about $200 from amazonturk creating porn titles based on like, 6 screenshots per video #SwirlzLore

i wish i could make the windows 95 startup sound with my mouth

sex is for fucking nerds im gonna go watch ted kaczynski

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hello! this is nova’s single-user server! all accounts on here are alts of mine.