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meow the jewels but it's just the mastodon bloop sound sampled

if you make me a mixtape and its not a rar of songs you like with a notepad file saying "i love you :)" i'm killing you with my bare hands

@nova if they dont sing to me they can eat that fucking cassette

oh. you made me a mixtape? wow you used a real cassette and everything. how cute. here. i made you this mix minidisc. i think it's pretty clear which one of us is the better girlfriend, now.

is there a fediverse livestreaming project?

the times when you torrent, but like, make sure to rinse with soap and water for a minute

haveing too much caffeine* why do i feel like pure shit just wanna dance

Issuing emergency order to trans femmes to stop shitposting and switch to emergency production of tungsten impactors and delivery systems.

there is actually no such thing as broadcast radio it’s just ghosts that live in your stereo and like to fuck with humans

make sure to shitpost extra good during the pandemic, future historians are gonna love it

circulating petitions to get armed insurgency on the ballot

wonder what’s going on in the woods today. hope some trees are having a good time.

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Starflower Space

hello! this is nova’s single-user server! all accounts on here are alts of mine.