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why do they put caves in pokemon nobody likes that

i love to hide in tall grass and get the shit beaten out of me by electric rats

millenials are putting a popsocket on a dog

as slowly as possible 300 bpm nightcore remix

being judged by strangers on the quality of my head-mounted protein strands

if it weren’t for the indigo girls i’m not sure i would have emerged at all

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if it weren’t for enya i would have emerged from texas as a very different person

dreamed i was holding hands with a girl and then woke up and cried for half an hour so yes i would say things are normal rn

if a girl texts me every day and we’re like in a relationship basically and actually we’ve been dating for months does that mean she likes me or am i just reading too much into things

anxiety is the “try rebooting” of diagnosing emotional distress

duck duck go how to feel loved in an existence where you can never truly know the mind of another

it makes me sad when people use cws not to warn about potential triggers but to make themselves smaller or take up less space

covid has ended weddings, meaning that this will be the last generation of straight people

a cutie asks me what my favorite anime is. “she-ra” i answer, causing them to immediately wither into a dried husk. i laugh devilishly as their ashes are scattered by the winds

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rejected on dates for having basic bitch anime tastes

parenting, food 

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hello! this is nova’s single-user server! all accounts on here are alts of mine.