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ideal date: lying in bed together eating burritos while she reads aloud all the posts i made about her just to make her laugh

all techies know is post code, consume stimulants, eat $30 doordash ramen, and lie to themselves about their role in the machinery of capitalism

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posting my code to git dot com and waiting for the boosts to roll in

flirting but we just send the gun emoji back and forth for 3 hours

enlisting the aid of my girlfriends to ensure that i never have any fun

corporate tip 

during quarantine, you may sometimes find that you have to make compromises to maintain a productive work-life balance!

for example, you may decide it’s easier to just live with all the bloodstains on the walls. so many bloodstains. where did they all come from? that one wasn’t there yesterday... was it? no... your mind is just playing tricks on you. that bloodstain was always there.

or, you could try keeping a day planner!

i dont want to sound like im bragging, but, i did just do all my dishes 💁‍♀️😘

ive been holding too many objects. i need to start holding fewer objects. new years resolution: hold fewer objects

concept: a podcast with political analysis set to a minimal techno beat (for people who don’t like hearing other people talk)

i wish i could make posts where it looked like i just pasted the text directly over another post like you do in memes

its about a girl, or a baby, or generational trauma, idk

if they didnt want us to transition they should make the default options cooler

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if one of the two binary genders were “slutty robot” i think there would be a lot more cis people

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Starflower Space

hello! this is nova’s private server. most of the accounts here are alts of mine, with a few exceptions for close friends.