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um excuse me these office supplies don't match my Γ¦stetic? i requested cybregoth rubber bands and these are clearly tactical

why would you bother paying for/maintaining your own event queue infrastructure when you can just send messages to a telegram channel

@PhoebeWallerPalladino this thought just popped into my head fully formed: if you had a podcast i would listen to that shit all the time and laugh my ass off. im not saying you need to do it but im not not saying that either

oh no a person with any/no gender, my one weakness

some days it feels like all i do is watch for and carefully cut away the intricate vines that continually grow all over this golden orb so that they don't obscure its radiance and bring about the end of times

every single person who has ever asked themselves "isn't this what you wanted?" has been wrong about what they wanted

me, feel anxiety? no, that's why i have a phone to look at-- *notices my battery is at 1% because i was too busy having anxiety to charge it* ah, well,

might fuck around later and allow myself one single crumb of relaxation

ruby on rails = neoliberalism no i will not be explaining


eating oatmeal in the shower ama

i prefer music over podcasts because i would rather have a bunch of feelings than ever learn a single thing

using machine learning to arbitrarily sort every leftist i meet into either ride or die besties or mortal enemies

fever dream: the above with high capacity data minidisc storage

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concept: swappable ibook color plates so you can match them to your hair

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concept: m1 macbook guts in a key lime ibook clamshell case

the idea of living with a partner comes with a host of challenges i can imagine having to navigate, for example, what if they walk in on me doing an image search for energy drinks anthropomorphized as hot girls as a source of style inspiration

yeah im gay

Going to fuckign scream

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Starflower Space

hello! this is nova’s private server. most of the accounts here are alts of mine, with a few exceptions for close friends.