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had a nightmare that i started playing world of warcraft again and i woke up in a cold sweat


fucking to the sonic adventure 2 soundtrack

concept: hunter x hunter but they all go to therapy

"describe your gender to four orders of magnitude. show work"

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just rounding to the nearest gender when i describe mine to straight people

why do they call it toxoplasmosis and not cat brain doo doo head

bragging about your magnum sized pillow protectors is so cringe

techbros be like "i have decided to optimize my hair out of my life"

i saw a bunper sticker that said "heaven has a wall and a strict immigration policy, hell has open borders" and like, we get it satan, hell is where the party's at you dont have to advertise

yeah im getting "the surgery" (all my bones removed so im just a creepy sack full of jelly)

duck duck go how to fix anything without fixing everything

*trips and my armfuls of ferrous alloys spill everywhere, oxidizing them instantly*

a loose pumpkin lying on its side in a swamp is the spookiest thing i have seen all year

rolling down the window of my truck and firing my american made rifle at rainbows in the sky as my thin blue line flag flutters proudly in the breeze

a kafkaesque nightmare. a borgesian nightmare. a jobsian nightmare

it is always halloween inside my body. there is a skeleton

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Starflower Space

hello! this is nova’s private server. most of the accounts here are alts of mine, with a few exceptions for close friends.