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i want to send out a honeypot but i need to catch up on my fediblocking first

popping out my brain and sending it on a flyby of the asteroid belt where it will collect micrometeors for a while then catching it with a baseball glove when it returns and squishing it right back it


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*on a first date* wait, you like your instruction sets orthogonal? i... umm... not sure this is gonna work out actually

@nova i get a reply from an internet celebrity. i upload my response to a billboard in Times Square. i take a picture of it. i ping ocrbot

@nova i send an activitypub event. the data is csv stuffed inside xml stuffed inside json. i instruct replies to come in from other servers by uploading gpg-encrypted rot13 fragments over ftp. if you want to run my code you need to run it in a compute shader on a graphics card from 2013

ten thousand fedi server implementations. make a medium so heterogenous you can't apply generalizations to anything about it. chaos

Hey so i'm currently fundraising for my big sister Mira's Cancer fund.

She has stage 4 lung cancer and interstitial lung disease, with chronic illness and disabilities so finances are really tight. She's just finished her third round of chemo and surgeries are coming up.

If anyone's able to donate or share it would mean the world to me and our little queer family.

ah. i see that you are also adorned with signifiers. would you like to trauma bond

meta mastodon talk 

I should probably develop this thought further in not-a-microblog, but I think maybe it would be helpful to situate federated social in the context of mutual aid and concepts like "we keep us safe" rather than replicating a model of deferring responsibility to a corporation.

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meta mastodon talk 

Something @nasser and I were talking about last night: one way of thinking about freedom is that it takes more work. Redistributing power means redistributing risk and responsibility. When people are no longer beholden to the whims of a corporate platform, they're more beholden to one another. We're seeing people used to just being mad at Twitter for making bad moderation calls face--and make--moderation calls and face the fallout and face being beholden to others.

shoes are just chastity cages for your feet Publish Thesis


eating french toast straight out of the can

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hello! this is nova’s private server. most of the accounts here are alts of mine, with a few exceptions for close friends.