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extremely disappointed to learn that the so-called internet archive uses unreliable computers instead of simply storing web pages on vellum scrolls

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mastodon server but all the posts are on microfiche and you have to go down to the library to read them

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mastodon server with no way to view the timelines but each post is hand written on a scrap of paper by the admin and then torn up and scattered to the wind atop a seaside cliff

this does so much heavy lifting if you remember the show was canadian

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somehow wound up being the kind of lesbian who only gets crushes on boys

kurapika is a command line elitist. you can just tell. vim user for sure.

("CUM MONOLITH" starts playing on the radio) babe... it's our song 💜

korg gadget is not enough i need to compose via mushroom

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nintendo release mario paint 2 you cowards

there are still gnusocial servers running in the year 2023

100 gecs is just millennial dire straits

sanguine - oxytocin
choleric - dopamine
phlegmatic - serotonin
melancholic - cortisol

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hold up i gotta balance my humours. i mean chakras. i mean neurotransmitters.

my partner pronounces things like "mitt-ten" and "kitt-ten" which i always thought was adorable but i also just learned that she says "cran" instead of crayon and its also cute but im finding it hard to reconcile these

eating a pop tart and instantly getting all horned up

shamefully hyperfixatimg on fps games dont look at me i dont want you to see me like this

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hello! this is nova’s private server. most of the accounts here are alts of mine, with a few exceptions for close friends.